To BEE or Not To BEE

In Redwood City there is a Beekeeper, known as Richard Baxter.  You can usually find Richard out in front of his house at 125 Doherty Way cleaning his beehives. (Richard Baxter is the head of the Beekeeper Club of San Mateo County.) Richard knows he likes to bee or not to bee. He chooses to bee.

Richard Baxter beekeeper

To BEE or Not To BEE Local Beekeeper

If you go to Richard’s home you will see a table along his driveway with bottles of honey and bars of bees-wax soap on it.

When I saw all that honey and bars of bees-wax soap I got out of my car and walked up to the table.  This friendly guy greeted me.  He proceeded to give me samples of local Redwood City honey, on a wooden stick.  That day Richard had 3 kinds of honey that he was selling.

Richard Baxter told me the many benefits of eating local honey and how local honey was great for controlling allergies. Because my allergies were acting up lately I listen to what Richard had to say.

honey bees

To BEE or Not To BEE Bees and their honey cones

His company: Golden Harvest Beekeeping has several beekeeping services from swarm removal to raw honey.

The honey are marvelous to the taste! And the soap made from the bee’s wax smelled so “Pretty”. The honey was selling for about $7.00 per pound and Richard was giving away free samples of the soaps.

Link to map to 125 Doherty Way in Redwood CityCA 94061:

If you are in the market for some flavorful local honey in Redwood City stop by and see Richard or call him at 650.364.1102.  Richard’s honey is not like the kind you’ll find in your local food store.

If you are ever driving down Stockbridge Road in Redwood City – Atherton neighborhood it would serve you well to stop by and pick up a pound or two of this unique honey.

If you can’t stop by the house and try before you buy you can go online and buy some there. The URL is   You will be glad you did. Support local Redwood City beekeepers by buying their honey and various other products made from bee hives.

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