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Thoughts to share with you on saving money today

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The don’ts of the home loan process Thoughts to share with you my friend Alicia Zhao sent to me today. What she sent me was an important list of what “not to do” during the process of applying for a home loan. Not following these rules could jeopardize your transaction. Here’s the article sent to me by my friend Alicia Zhao. Knowing Alicia for…

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How to not get caught by the horrors of IRS CODE SECTION 962

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This post will try to explain the horrors of IRS Code Section 962, which pertains to cash home buyers and their deductions of interest and expenses when buying a home for all cash. Simply stated, “Be prepared” is always a good suggestion when it comes to dealing with the IRS. Did You Know that Congress Amended the Mortgage Interest Deductions Rules to Require…

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See what you’ll be approved and pay for an attractive jumbo loan

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San Mateo and Santa Clara counties still need Jumbo Home Loans for most home buyers and refinancing of home loans. What is the right approval for an attractive jumbo loan for both purchase home loans and refinancing? Jumbo Home Loans are creating a refinancing boom in the jumbo home loan market seems to be increasing in California. The share of jumbo mortgage…

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