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How To Grow and Care For An Asian Pear Tree

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Sweet smelling flowers to enjoy during the Spring Time

  • Asian Pear trees grow vertically and have sweet-smelling flowers in the Spring.  They produce a crispy fruit much like an apple.  They are very delicious and are great to cook with and put into salads.  I like them right off the tree.  They grow very well as a wind break, a wall, or editable fencing.
  • Planting Asian Pears usually take place in the spring in colder climates and autumn or winter in climates that are not so severe like lower elevations of California.  Asian Pear Trees like fun sun light.
  • Asian Pear trees need minimal amounts of organic compost to survive.  They do need and like deep watering techniques.  So place a moat around the base of the Asian Pear tree so you can water it deeply down to its root system.
  • You should feed your Asian Pear tree in early spring, again in early summer and finally in late summer.  You can use full range granular type fertilizers or the compress stick form.  Be sure not to burn the roots by not adhering to the directions on the packaging.  I like to work in some organic compost and water when I feed.
  • Pruning an Asian Pear tree is simple.  They like to grow straight up instead of out.  Pruning duties will be minimal after the first few years. Focus your efforts on dead and crossing branches.
  • In the spring, honeybees in damp cool weather carry a bacterial disease called “Fire Blight”.  There is no cure.  Removing the ends of the branches about 5 inches below the blacken area is all you can do.  You know the blacken areas it is the ends of the branches that are black.
  • Asian Pear trees love to produce their fruit.  Sometimes they produce too much fruit.  The best way to control the amount of fruit is to thin the fruit to one or two per cluster.  Likewise, it lessens the burden on the tree and it stays healthier.


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